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Town of Riverhead

Community Forum on Downtown Design

Event Date:
Thursday November 14, 2019
Event Time:
6:30 PM
Human Resource/Senior Center
60 Shade Tree Lane
Aquebogue NY 11931


The Town of Riverhead invites residents to take part in a community forum on the design of our downtown with recently contracted planning firm, Urban Design Associates (UDA). The forum will take place on November 14th at 6:30 PM in the Senior Center located at 60 Shade Tree Lane, Aquebogue.

This will be an opportunity for residents to take a direct role in deciding what future development in our downtown should look like by speaking with the planners and architects who will be creating the new pattern book for Downtown Riverhead.

Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith says, “I encourage residents to attend and have their voices heard. Community input is such an important aspect to development in our downtown, and it has been missing for too long. Whether the issues are walkability, transportation, or the character of the area- this public forum will be an opportunity to ensure that residents can have their say in the future in what is all of our downtown.”

Deputy Supervisor, and Liaison to the Downtown Revitalization Committee, Catherine Kent says, “It is so important that residents attend and be heard. The future of our downtown is still being decided, and our residents have to be centered in that process. We as a community get to decide what our downtown should look like, and I am asking that residents use their voices to be part of that discussion.”

Urban Design Associates bases their design strategies around building consensus through a community planning process. Their progress in this project relies on residents and local stakeholders to be part of the process, making community participation key to the success of the creation of this pattern book.

Holding meetings with the public and stakeholders is Step I in UDA’s approach to this project with further action being taken after hearing public comment. Decisions made about the pattern book will be informed by this public forum.