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Town of Riverhead

Posted on Friday July 13, 2018

Riverhead Town Critical Water Conservation Request

With our daily water supply being seriously challenged, Riverhead Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith is strongly urging residents and businesses to reduce lawn irrigation to help conserve water for the foreseeable future.

Sprinkler systems require an enormous increase in our water usage, driving usage up as much as 80%.  And while sunny skies and hot temperatures make for great beach days, they make refilling Town water tanks a daily challenge.  Without an opportunity to catch up on the supply, the tanks are no longer being filled to capacity daily, and each subsequent day sees their levels dropping.

As every effort to conserve water is necessary at this time, residents and businesses are encouraged to follow these sprinkler/irrigation guidelines:

  • Daily watering in not necessary, nor is it optimal for lawn care. Consider alternating days, or watering every third day. 
  • Water early in the morning to maximize dew, or later in the evening after household demand has dropped. 
  • Reduce the run time per zone. 
  • Double check to be sure that sprinkler heads are working properly and are adjusted so that only the lawn, and not the street, is being watered.

A few simple steps can make a huge difference in assuring that we all continue to have access to a good supply of water now and throughout the summer.

For more information about water conservation, see the Riverhead Water District newsletter at or call 631-727-3205.

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