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Town of Riverhead

Riverhead Becomes First Town to Implement Tick Preventative Program
Posted on Wednesday August 08, 2018

Riverhead Becomes First Town to Implement

Tick Preventative Program


The Town of Riverhead is pleased to announce a pilot program with the Tick Bourne Disease Resource Center at Stony Brook Southampton Hospital. This is a pivotal step to safeguarding our employees against Tick Bourne Diseases.


The East End has noticed a considerable increase in the tick population and it is posing a growing threat to residents and visitors throughout the area. On Eastern Long Island, we are seeing deer, lonestar and dog tick populations sore due to a warmer climate which allows ticks to live through the winter. This preventive program with the Tick Bourne Disease Center will provide our employees with knowledge and the tools necessary to prevent tick bites inside and outside of work.


Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith says, “As tick populations boom, and tick borne illnesses become more widespread it is important that we do our best to protect town employees. This pilot program is the first step in that direction, and I am so proud to be the first town on Long Island to implement this.”

During the fall season, the town will be providing the trainings and spraying workers shoes with Permethrin, which is one of the most effective sprays to ward away Ticks. During the trainings, employees will be educated on the 3 most prevalent ticks we have and how to safely remove a tick.


For further information, kindly contact the Supervisor’s Office. 

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