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Town of Riverhead

At Supervisor Jens-Smith's Request Triple Five Replaces Bienenstock
Posted on Monday March 04, 2019



Following reports on that revealed Triple Five’s Director of Business Development, and point person on the sale of EPCAL, Stuart Bienenstock had been found by a court of law to have forged documents and committed real estate fraud in the state of New Jersey, Triple Five has agreed to replace him at the request of Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith.

Supervisor Jens-Smith said, “After this ruling came to light it would have been difficult for the Town to work with Mr. Beinenstock. I communicated to Triple Five that this would not be acceptable, and as a show of good faith to Riverhead they have agreed to replace him on the project.”


The Supervisor said, “Riverhead is placing great faith in Triple Five to develop one of the town’s most precious resources and to be a good neighbor. In light of this it was necessary for Triple Five to replace Mr. Beinenstock.”


Triple Five has confirmed their new Director of Development and point person on this project is Amy Herbold.


Supervisor Jens-Smith said, “I told Triple Five that our residents need to be able to trust those handling this sale, and through this gesture it seems they understand. I look forward to working with Ms. Herbold in order to deliver on their promises for EPCAL.”

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