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Town of Riverhead

Police Department

A message from Chief David J. Hegermiller

Police PatchAs we move into the 21st Century and a new era in policing, we face many difficult challenges that did not concern us a short time ago.  As we move ahead, it is our wish that we move ahead together, one community, bound together by history, neighborhoods, common concerns, and the desire to keep Riverhead a great place to live and work.  As Riverhead expands, we want the Police Department to remain as a pinnacle in service, efficiency, training, technology, and professionalism without losing our small town ambiance.  However, we cannot do this alone.  The only way we can be responsive to our community is through your input.  We, therefore, urge everyone to be ever vigilant and to call the Police Department when the need arises.  If you don't tell us we may never know.   Sometimes the smallest piece of information is of crucial importance.  So it is our request that we all stay together and connect as we create a professional, progressive, and responsive Police Department that everyone in the Town of Riverhead will respect, trust, and be proud of.

Community Letter from the Chief of Police 6/5/2020

Riverhead Police Department - General Order 410 - USE OF PHYSICAL FORCE

POLICE EMERGENCY                                 911

NON-EMERGENCY CALLS                         631-727-4500

(All calls confidential)                                     631-727-3333

PATROL DIVISION                                       Ext. 318
Rescue / Scuba Team      
Bay Constable  

DETECTIVE DIVISION                                 Ext. 362


C.O.P.E.                                                        Ext. 329
Community Oriented Policing Enforcement         
Police Training                                              Ext. 316
Neighborhood Watch / Crime Prev.              Ext. 362


EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS                Ext. SOS (767)

JUVENILE BUREAU / PAL                               

631-727-3200                                               Ext. 273
Youth Counselor                                           631-369-0266
Questions regarding Youth or Parenting support

Contact Us

Chief David Hegermiller
Ext 315

Captain Rich Smith
Ext 316

Duty Officer
Ext. 312

Central Records
Ext. 322
Mon/Tues/Wed 10:30 am - 4:30 pm
Thurs/Fri 8:30 am - 4:30 pm 

NON-Emergency Calls


210 Howell Avenue
Riverhead, NY 11901