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Town of Riverhead

Juvenile Aid Bureau
All youths who have committed a crime under the age of 16 are processed through
 Riverhead Police Department’s Juvenile Aid Bureau.

 Youth Court is a voluntary alternative to the traditional juvenile justice system.  It is designed for first time offenders under the age of 16 and attending school who have committed a nonviolent crime.

Youth Court offers its members a better understanding of the law and workings of the Justice Court System through many hours of training by law enforcement professionals, local attorneys and judges.

In addition, 
Youth Court members are able to develop their public speaking skills, learn effective debating techniques and provide their peers and community with an invaluable service.

Youth Court presents the offender with an opportunity to learn from his/her mistakes.  Youth Court is a positive alternative proposed to the offender.

Youth Court strives to promote positive self-esteem, a desire for self improvement and a healthy attitude toward rules and authority.




    Contact Us

    Chief David J Hergermiller
    Ext. 315

    Captain Richard Smith 
    Ext. 316
    Lt. Edward Frost
    Ext. 318
    Elizabeth Maccagli
    Youth Counselor
    Cheryl Behr
    Ext. 273