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Town of Riverhead

Community Development

Community Development Department

The Community Development Department is responsible for the economic development and workforce housing functions in the Town of Riverhead. Projects including downtown revitalization activities, historic restoration, business development incentives and urban renewal programs are initiated and implemented by CD staff.  Grant procurement and administration is a primary function of the department including capital projects such as downtown waterfront revitalization, Calverton park development, infrastructure development to encourage business growth, the restoration of public spaces such as parks and venues like the Vail Leavitt Theatre and Suffolk Theatre, home improvement programs to assist senior citizens and low to moderate income homeowner-occupants with emergency home repairs, and projects to improve the environment and the quality of life of the Riverhead Town residents.

Community Development Agency

Welcome to Downtown Riverhead. The Community Development Agency functions as the economic development agency for the Town of Riverhead and was established in 1982 under New York State General Municipal Law to foster economic development.  Using powers granted under New York State Urban Renewal Law, pursuant to Section 505 of Article 15, the Community Development Agency has played a critical role in economic development at Calverton Enterprise Park, as well as downtown.   The CDA Board consists of the Chairman (the Town Supervisor) and the four Town board members.  In the capacity as the economic development agency of the Town of Riverhead, the CDA administers and secures financing for numerous downtown revitalization projects and public improvement projects. The CDA has been proactive in fostering economic revitalization in the downtown business district and was a major impetus in the establishment of a 3.2 acre waterfront aquarium.

Riverhead Primary Market

Please click below for some recent demographic profiles of the Riverhead Primary Market.   These profiles look at “day trippers” in terms of 30, 60 and 90 minute drive times which encompasses all of Long Island. 

Community Profile Primary Market Area 2015

Tapestry Segmentation Area Profile Primary Market Area

Community Profile 30 60 and 90 Minutes by Car

Map of 30 60 and 90 Minutes by Car

Tapestry Segmentation Area Profile 30 60 and 90 minutes by car

Calverton Enterprise Park (“EPCAL”)

In 1998, the CDA took title to the former Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant at Calverton as the result of special federal legislation, and as such is charged with the task of overseeing economic development at the 2,900 acre site.  Calverton Enterprise Park is the largest commercial industrial subdivision in the northeast and New York State has identified the site as a uniquely important development priority by adopting Special Act S3643A/A4678A for organized and expeditious redevelopment of this urban renewal area.  Calverton Enterprise Park provides a shovel ready site with 90 day permit approval pursuant to special state legislation that incentivizes private investment into an Urban Renewal Area by streamlining the approval process and in turn, lowering the cost of doing business.  Given the large size of undeveloped acreage and the existing infrastructure, the EPCAL site is well suited to attract “game changer” industries for an enhanced development rather than just a conventional industrial park. The current goal for redevelopment of EPCAL at the federal, state, county and local level is to create higher paying manufacturing and construction industries jobs. EPCAL provides proximity to a highly skilled and technically trained workforce, educational and training system, and supply chain partners.  Long Island has played a prominent role in engineering, aerospace, energy and other scientific research.  Brookhaven Department of Energy research is located 10 miles from the EPCAL site.  Stony Brook University operates the Calverton Business Incubator on 50 acres of the EPCAL site along NYS Route 25.  Calverton Enterprise Park (“EPCAL”) Redevelopment

Urban Renewal Areas

The CDA has designated several Urban Renewal Areas for the purpose of encouraging neighborhood revitalization and economic development. The designated Urban Renewal Areas include: 1) Calverton Enterprise Park (EPCAL), 2) Millbrook Gables residential community, 3) East Main Street Downtown Business District and 4) Railroad Avenue Corridor. Within the designated boundaries of the urban renewal areas, available incentives are provided where feasible to attract investment and assist owners and businesses in improving their properties.

Town of Riverhead East Main Street Urban Renewal Area Plan (2008 Update)

Community Development Downloadable Forms

Home Improvement Application


Community Development Agency Bylaws, Rules of Procedure, Policies and Annual Reports

CDA Bylaws

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CDA Policies Relating to the Public Authorities Accountability Act of 2005
as Amended (CDA Resolution #6 2007)

Code of Ethics
Open Meeting Law
Procurement Policy
Resolution Readopting Policies and New Policies

Downtown Revitalization efforts: 

Downtown Revitalization Efforts
Historic Downtown/Peconic River Corridor

Other Resources:

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Contact Us

Dawn Thomas
Community Development Administrator 
Ext. 287

Joe Maiorana
Asst. Community Development Project Supervisor Ext. 236

Frank Messina
Grants Analyst Ext. 238

Dan Thompson
P/T Housing Inspector Ext. 237

Carissa Collins
Associate Administrator Ext. 285

631-727-3200 Ext. 238

200 Howell Avenue
Riverhead, NY 11901

Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.