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Town of Riverhead



Draft Local Solid Waste Management Plan 2020-29

2022 Yard Waste Permits

The Town of Riverhead Sanitation Department is the Town Department responsible for controlling the storage and disposal of solid waste generated within the Town. The Sanitation Department has oversight of all residential solid waste, bulk waste, yard waste and recyclables collection  and disposal services for the Riverhead Refuse and Garbage District. The Sanitation Department implements and promotes environmentally sound solid waste management practices, including recycling requirements and reporting, S.T.O.P. days. The Sanitation Department is responsible for licensing all solid waste collectors providing collection services to condominiums, apartments, mobile homes, churches, businesses, schools or other institutions located within the Town of Riverhead. The Sanitation Department is also responsible for management and operation of the Town’s Yard Waste Facility. 

The Town of Riverhead Refuse and Garbage District provides, by private collector under contract to the Town of Riverhead, collection and disposal of residential solid waste (household trash), recyclables, yard waste and bulk waste. The Refuse and Garbage District is divided into six areas or sub-districts  “A” through “F”. The pick up days for household trash and bulk/yard waste vary from sub-district to sub-district.  Recycling is collected every Wednesday and alternates weekly between co-mingled and  paper/cardboard.  Note, the Town does not provide collection service to condominium`s, apartments, mobile homes, commercial businesses and other institutions.  In addition to curbside pickup of yard waste, residents may purchase a permit and dispose of yard debris (branches, leaves, grass clippings, etc.)  at the Town's Yard Waste Facility located on Young's  Avenue Riverhead, NY  11901.  This facility is for residents only, no contractors/landscapers are permitted.

The Town Sanitation Department holds two Stop Throwing Out Pollutants dates ( S.T.O.P Day), one in May and one in October. This program is held at the Town Highway yard at 1177 Osborne Avenue, Riverhead NY  11901. Residents may bring hazardous waste to this location for disposal, free of charge, on the designated dates only. Resident’s may dispose of E-Waste free of charge at the S.T.O.P Program and at the Yard Waste Facility located on Young’s Avenue during normal operating hours. 

Proper disposal of sharps and medication is essential to prevent possible spread of disease, injury and unlawful or accidental ingestion.  Hypodermic needles and lancets used in the home may be disposed of properly at your local hospital or with household trash by following the instructions.  Medications, both over the counter and prescription, may be disposed of at the Town’s Police Department located at 201 Howell Avenue, Riverhead, NY  11901.

New York State requires a $5.00 deposit on all auto-marine batteries at the point of purchase. For future purchases, when your battery needs replacing, return it for a refund.  As an alternative, drop off your used batteries at a local scrap metal dealer that is registered/approved to accept batteries and you may even get paid for the scrap battery.

Residents may obtain more information by clicking on the list of services below; searching our FAQ; and/or contacting the Sanitation Department at (631) 727-3200 ext. 391.

Town of Riverhead Refuse and Garbage Districts and Pick-up Days
Sanitation District Map

Click on your District link below or CLICK HERE for enlarged Map 

Map of District A - Monday/Thursday

Map of District B - Tuesday/Friday


Map of District C - Tuesday/Friday


Map of District D - Monday/Thursday


Map of District E - Monday/Thursday


Map of District F - Tuesday/Friday

*Recycling is on Wednesday for all districts
(please refer to recycle calendar)

Household Pickup Information

Recycle Information & Pick Up Schedule

STOP Notification

Waste Disposal License Application

Riverhead Yard Waste Disposal Facility

Yard Waste Application

Guide To Biohazard Waste Disposal


How to properly classify, handle, and safely dispose
of all forms of biohazard waste (according to
current WHO recommendations and UN standards).

    Contact Us
    Drew Dillingham
    Town Engineer
    (631) 727-3200 Ext. 391

    200 Howell Avenue
    Riverhead, NY  11901
    1295 Pulaski Street
    Riverhead, New York 11901

    Monday - Friday
    8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

    Recycling Calendars and Yard Waste Permits can be obtained at Town Hall in the Office of the Receiver of Taxes.