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Town of Riverhead

Board of Assessment Review


The Town of Riverhead’s Board of Assessment Review (BAR) is established pursuant to Real Property Tax Law Section 523 and consists of three members who are residents of the town.

The BAR meets on the third Tuesday in May (Grievance Day) to hear complaints in relation to assessments for a period of not less than four hours, not necessarily continuous between nine o’clock in the morning and ten o’clock in the evening but in no event less than two hours after six o’clock in the evening. 

At such public meeting, the BAR may administer oaths, take testimony, and hear proofs in regard to any complaint and the assessment to which it relates.  The BAR thereafter meets privately to determine the final assessed valuation or taxable assessed valuation of each complainant, and ratifies assessment stipulations entered into by the assessor and the complainant.



The term of office is five years and commences on the first of October and terminates on the thirtieth day of September, five years thereafter.  All BAR members are appointed by the Town Board.



Brian Mills, Chair

James Kane

Joann Waski

The members of the BAR annually choose one of their members to serve as Chairman of such board.



3RD Tuesday in May (Grievance Day)