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Town of Riverhead

Conservation Advisory Council



The Conservation Advisory Council consists of seven (7)members appointed by the Town Board.  The CAC advises the Town Board on the issuing of permits for the development and management of Riverhead Town’s natural resources, with emphasis on the protection of these resources.

The CAC, in addition to the Planning Department, reviews applications for permits, and inspect properties, for all regulated activities within 150 feet of ALL freshwater wetlands & 300 feet of ALL tidal wetlands.  Chapter 107 of the Riverhead Town Code describes the regulations requiring permits for structures, dredging, clearing, planting, bulkheads, docks, roads and waste disposal systems.

Riverhead residents who are considering property improvements within 150 feet of freshwater wetlands/300 feet of tidal wetlands should contact the Planning Department for CAC permit applications and instructions.  Obtaining a CAC permit is a required step in the process of obtaining a building permit for any project within the coastal zone or adjacent to freshwater wetlands in the town.



Sean McCabe, Sr., Chairman

Robert Fox

Alex Galasso

Robert Kujawski

Duane Lewin

Charles Thomas

George Woodhull



Councilman Frank Beyrodt



2nd Wednesday at 5:00 p.m.


Call 727-3200 Ext. 264 or for more information.

Fema Elevation Certificate & Instructions