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Town of Riverhead

Recreation Advisory Committee


The Recreation Advisory Committee was created as an over-seer for park and recreation funds.  Those funds would be spent on Recreation Capital Projects throughout the Town of Riverhead. The Committee consists of members from each area of the township. This diversity of logistics and Town character enables the Committee to have the true pulse of our recreational needs. All recreation projects would have the consideration of enrichment of all Town residents; regardless of status. The Committee would embrace projects for both the present and future recreational needs of our community. We would also prioritize suggestions coming through the Recreation Department.  

Working with Recreation, Engineering and Accounting, we could prioritize which new projects or improvements to existing facilities we would recommend to the Town Board. 

The committee would also have a keen interest in the planning and administration of approved Recreation Projects. 

Regardless of the Town Board’s final decision on a project, the Committee would have an obligation to report back to the Town residents in their respective areas with the conclusion of said project.  

It is clearly stated in its Charter that the Committee is an advisory committee only and all final decisions are made by the Riverhead Town Board.  




Brian Mills, Chair

Marjorie Acevedo, Secretary

Dwayne Eleazer

George Gabrielsen

Frank Petrignani

Edward Powers

Jeremy Salvo

Ronald Schmitt

Justin Winter, Sr.



Ray Coyne, Superintendent of Recreation





2ND Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m.