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Town of Riverhead

Disabled Resident Resources


The Town of Riverhead Committee for the Disabled is committed to ensuring that all Town residents and visitors share equal and ready access to all public buildings, retail stores, restaurants, inns and motels, cultural and recreational events, parks, and beaches. It is our firm belief that all persons, regardless of physical and/or mental capabilities, are entitled to the highest quality of life and environment. Our mission is to work continuously toward the full achievement of our vision.

If you have an issue regarding the rights and needs of the disabled, contact our Committee Liaison at Town Hall


Mission Statement        

It is the purpose of this all-volunteer committee to promote and ensure a quality of life for disabled residents and visitors that is equal to that enjoyed by all other Town residents.

Members of the Committee meet on the third Wednesday of each month at 2pm in Town Hall and address both specific and general issues facing our disabled population.



  • To work for the benefit of Town of Riverhead residents with disabilities
  • To develop programs in conjunction with other Town Departments and Committees that assist people with disabilities to become more self sufficient
  • To advocate at Town Hall for changes to resolve issues facing the disabled
  • To create and promote educational and informational materials 
  • To raise awareness of the needs and issues of the disabled residents of Riverhead
  • To assist the Town in ensuring compliance with all Town, State, and federal mandates and regulations

Suggested Links

Disabled Advisory Committee

Mission Statement:

It is the purpose of the all volunteer Committee to ensure that all disabled residents of the Town of Riverhead as well as those who may visit the Town enjoy the same quality of life as all other Town residents. Our purpose is met by determining needs and then proposing ways to meet these needs.

Committee Members:

Town Board Liaison
Remy M. Bell, Chairperson

Vince Taldone                                       
Karen Bocksel                                      

Jude Petroski

Bill Andes

Eileen Benthal



  • Obtained assistance for disabled and seniors at Town yard waste facility
  • Created a disabled equipment bank at senior center
  • Established working partnerships with other Suffolk Towns for purpose of information and idea exchange
  • Introduced legislation to increase disabled parking space ticket violations ( LL 2-2004)
  • Improved parking and building access at numerous locations throughout the Town
  • Purchased listening devices for use at Town hall
  • Created the “Wheelchair Challenge Day” at Town Hall to promote awareness
  • Purchased full service mobile disabled restroom facility.  Introduced beach ready wheelchairs and walkers to Town residents
  • Installation of access ramp at Elks Lodge
  • Published and distributed “ Just a Minute Flyers” to remind people not to park in disability parking spaces
  • Worked with Town Departments to obtain curb cuts and curb improvements

Riverhead Town Disabled Advisory Committee

Member and Chair Remy M. Bell
I have lived in Riverhead for over 20 years and simply want to give back to the Community I call home. In the mid-eighties my mother started to have problems with leg ulcers and had a hard time getting around with the pain; she began to use a four-legged cane. Her condition continued to deteriorate, and she began to require first a walker, then a wheelchair. My mother lived with me and I witnessed firsthand the difficulties a person with a disability has getting around and wanted to make changes for the better. That is why I am on the Disabled Advisory Board- to make a difference. My mother passed on in 2002 and I do this in her memory.