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Town of Riverhead

Jodi Giglio

200 Howell Avenue
Riverhead, NY  11901
631-727-3200 Ext. 225

Jodi Giglio

Jodi Giglio is committed to the Riverhead Community -approaching 20 years as a Riverhead resident - raising her 3 children William, Jessica & Jacob with her husband Michael whom she married in 2000.  Born in Syosset, New York in 1968, Jodi Giglio grew up in Wantagh, New York and California.  At 19 she moved back to New York to make her mark on the world.  Having lost her first husband to cancer when she was 27, Jodi is resilient and values hard work, determination and perseverance.

Jodi is not your everyday Councilwoman, she knows how to put her boots on, literally.  Working during the day, Jodi attended Stony Brook University in the evenings to pursue a Business Management degree.  Today she is a wife, mother, community leader and private business owner (currently recognized by New York State as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE)).  Jodi truly understands the hurdles that business opportunities present and the knowledge and where with all to navigate through them.

Jodi has made herself available to discuss problems with residents and in finding solutions to various problems.  Jodi works well others and has built lasting and trusting professional relationships with local, county, state and federal officials as well as business, civic and community groups.  Jodi was instrumental in creating legislation to support and protect our environment, enforce town codes to protect residents and businesses, while balancing growth as called out in the master plan.  She is dedicated to quality of life issues that affect your taxes. With her leadership and management skills Jodi is ready to be your representative.




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