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Town of Riverhead

Board of Ethics


The Board of Ethics of the Town of Riverhead is established pursuant to Article 18 of the New York State General Municipal Law and Chapter 105 of the Riverhead Town Code.  The Board recognizes that the proper administration of government requires Town officers and employees, whether elected or appointed, paid or unpaid and/or serving as a member of any administrative board, commission or other agency, to act fairly, impartially and without taint of conflict of interest in fulfilling their public responsibilities. With this in mind, the Board of Ethics is responsible for monitoring compliance with the Code of Ethics, set forth at Chapter 113 of the Town Code, collecting and reviewing financial disclosure statements, and preparing advisory opinions.  Additionally, the Board of Ethics is charged with investigating and considering complaints and thereafter, if necessary, making recommendations to the Town Board.  The Board of Ethics strives to provide fair and impartial guidance to Town officers and employees in discharging their duties in a proper and ethical manner and in accordance with the existing Code of Ethics.



Donna Barnard, Chair

Jeanmarie Costello

John Lombardi

John Munzel

Audrey Zaweski



Erik C. Howard



2ND Tuesday of each month at 5:00 pm (unless otherwise stated)