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Town of Riverhead

Clean Energy Communities
Buildings are the single largest user of energy in the State of New York.  The poorest performing buildings typically use several times the energy of the highest performing buildings—for the exact same building use.  As such, the Local Law will use Building Energy Benchmarking to promote the public health, safety, and welfare by making available good, actionable information on municipal building energy use to help identify opportunities to cut costs and reduce pollution in the Town of Riverhead.  Collecting, reporting, and sharing Building Energy Benchmarking data on a regular basis allows municipal officials and the public to understand the energy performance of municipal buildings relative to similar buildings nationwide.  Equipped with this information, the Town of Riverhead is able to make smarter, more cost-effective operational and capital investment decisions, reward efficiency, and drive widespread, continuous improvement.  Contained within the links on this page are the “Covered Municipal Buildings” reports which were all created using the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

2022 Site and Source EUI
2022 Gross Floor Area
2022 GHG Emissions
2022 Weather Normalized Source EUI

2021 Site and Source EUI
2021 Gross Floor Area
2021 GHG Emissions
2021 Weather Normalized Source EUI

2020 Site and Source EUI
2020 Gross Floor Area
2020 GHG Emissions
2020 Weather Normalized Source EUI